Testing for mycotoxins accurately
in a fast, simple, and environmentally friendly way 

No need for calibration, making it safe and environmentally friendly

ToxiQuant instruments are calibrated during manufacturing, and liberate users from having to handle toxins during testing. Additionally, the instruments use just 1/1000th of the solvent needed for HPLC, helping you take care of the environment

No calibration required: users just need to check that the system is working properly by using a solid standard provided.

One instrument to rule them all


Until now, the diversity of methods used along the value chain made having consistent results impossible. Because with the ToxiMet System the interpretation is done by the instrument, and all instruments are calibrated during manufacturing, you can ensure that results are consistent across your global operations.

Multiple toxin capabilities, making it more cost effective than competitors

Our innovative system allows us to detect multiple toxins in a single test. This means you can now accurately measure 4 Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin A in a single test, in just 40 minutes, and at lower cost than screening methods such as ELISA

So easy to use your employees will await samples with a smile

The smiles of our customers around the world are the best proof of how much faster and easier it is to test for mycotoxins using the ToxiMet System

“The ToxiQuant system has completely changed the way we work. It has had a significant effect on storage and shipping times and savings have been realised across our whole business.”

Elham Farajpour, Quality Control Manager Cap Kerman

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Engineered in the UK to be tough and roam the world

The ToxiQuant has been designed with the highest quality in the UK, but with the robustness required to survive anywhere in the world. The instrument can operate in non-lab environments, up to 50ºC, and having only one moving part, it requires virtually no maintenance, saving you a lot of money and headaches. We have even created a “Lab in a Box” so you can take your ToxiMet System with you for in-field testing.

Some snapshots from our ToxiQuant customer installations in five continents

See the ToxiQuant working together with a Tomra’s Detox sorter in a corn silo in Croatia

Now even faster, easier, and cheaper with the new ToxiQuant Rapid

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