ToxiMet wins the 2013 Innovation Award at the International Nut & Dried Fruit Congress

May 24, 2013

ToxiMet has just picked up the prestigious Innovation Award at the International Nut & Dried Fruit Congress in Barcelona. The INC (International Nut & Dried Fruit Council) was founded in 1983 and represents the interests of the worldwide nut and dried fruit industry. Spanning 65 countries, the INC unites over 600 companies, including brokers, importers / exporters, laboratories, manufacturers, packers, processors, producers and trade organisations. Honouring excellence and innovation, the INC Awards are the premier international showcase of excellence for the nut and dried fruit industry.

The ToxiQuant instrument was developed by Professor Raymond Coker and a highly talented team of scientists, as a way to enable any company to easily, rapidly, and cost-effectively check the safety of their food products. It is a platform technology with numerous applications. The first use of the system is the measurement of mycotoxins, which are toxins produced by fungi and are estimated to contaminate around 25% of crops worldwide. Some mycotoxins have been proven to cause cancer and in high doses can be fatal. They are also responsible for up to 60% of food imports rejected at European borders. The instrument was launched in May 2012, and has since been sold in many countries worldwide.

Ray accepted the prize on behalf of the ToxiMet team and told us:
“This is an incredible achievement by the ToxiMet team, and a huge endorsement of our technology in front of the 1,100 attendees from 58 countries. Such recognition at this stage of the company’s development is invaluable. Testing for toxins is vital throughout the food supply chain. Until now, the accurate testing of food has been expensive and required the services of highly qualified technicians. We’ve changed that by producing an instrument that measures very low levels of toxin, with a high level of accuracy, and has been designed to be used by non-scientists. We believe that food should be safe for everyone in the world and we’re working hard to make that possible.”


One of our customers, Elham Farajpour, Quality Control Manager at Cap Kerman told us:
“ToxiQuant system, being very fast and easy to use has completely changed the way we work. From making the slurry to getting results takes 40 minutes, which is very helpful in allowing us to make decisions quickly. This has, in-turn, had a significant effect on storage and shipping times. The cost saving is realized across the whole business.

We have found that the tests are more accurate than those contracted out and even more economical. We no longer have to purchase expensive HPLC instruments and are assured of equivalent results. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the product and the technical support that ToxiMet has provided to us. We would have no hesitation in recommending this instrument to other companies”

Another early adopter of the technology, Le Thi Kim Hue, Purchase and Quality Manager, Olam Vietnam, commented on the many virtues of the system and how it’s making a significant positive impact to operations at the global commodity-trading group Olam:
“We undertook extensive tests with ToxiQuant to ensure that results were in line with HPLC testing. Given the accuracy, simplicity and the speed of response we are very happy with the new system. It also means that we no longer have to factor in time for the external testing of samples when supplying our buyers, so deliveries can be made more quickly.”

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