Food News reports on ToxiMet breakthrough technology

July 19, 2012

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“Safety made simple – New technology can help edible nut handlers to combat aflatoxin contamination” is the title of a report by Food News on the technology developed by ToxiMet.

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The report, written by Senior Reporter Emma Slawinski, provides an in-depth background on mycotoxins, the risk they pose to the health of consumers, and their economical impact on nut producers and traders.

ToxiMet presented the ToxiQuant “live” at the offices of Food News in London, demonstrating the high speed and accuracy of the system. The huge benefits that this breakthrough technology can provide to companies throughout the value chain were discussed in detail with the Food News team.

The report indicates that over 50% of rejections of food products at the European Union border are caused by contamination with mycotoxins. This is a major problem, which impacts especially pistachio nuts, peanuts, and dried figs, but also many other edible nuts and dried fruits.

The article describes the ToxiQuant technology in detail, and presents the system as an “additional new weapon for detecting problems at an early stage” that will be welcomed by both companies and consumers.