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mycotoxin testing system
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Highly accurate & specific

Detection levels sub-ppb with Bto better than EU standards


Embedded calibration & data processing means unquestionable results

Dual power

Four Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin A in one test


In any workplace, no laboratory or outsourcing required

Extremely fast

Results in just 15 mins, after typical sample preparation


Free from routine servicing and spares, robust to 50ºC environments

Incredible value

Quantitative confirmatory results at screening prices

Globally proven

Satisfied customers
in five continents

Providing accurate testing for Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 and Ochratoxin A in many commodities, such as

What our customers and the press are saying

We undertook extensive tests with ToxiQuant to ensure that results were in line with HPLC testing. Given the accuracy, simplicity and the speed of response we are very happy with the new system. It also means that we no longer have to factor in time for the external testing of samples when supplying our buyers so deliveries can be made more quickly.
Le Thi Kim Hue, Purchase and Quality Manager, Olam Vietnam
Working with HPLC is difficult, time-consuming and also very expensive. The ToxiMet System, being very fast and easy to use has completely changed the way we work. From making the slurry to getting the results takes 30 minutes which is very helpful in allowing us to make decisions quickly. This has, in-turn, had a significant effect on storage and shipping times. The cost saving is realised across the whole business.

We have found that the tests are more accurate than those contracted out and even more economical. We also no longer have to purchase expensive HPLC instruments and are assured of equivalent results. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the product and the technical support that the company has provided to us. We would have no hesitation in recommending this machine to other companies.”

Elham Farajpour, Quality Control Manager, CAP Kerman, Iran
Tomra sorting solution supplies first class sorting equipment to remove all kind of discolorations, unwanted and foreign matter out of a stream of food products. Years of extensive research have also lead to the capabilities of removing at high accuracy micotoxins in several produce. As these micotoxins are invisible to the human eye, only lab analysis of grab samples of the several streams will indicate you the levels of ppb (part per billion).

Therefore Tomra was on the look-out for an easy but very accurate, detailed and affordable method to assist our customers in this endeavor. Having a small but precise tool at hand that can indicate you how your process is looking, is primordial to get the outmost performance out of the sorters while maintaining the highest yield without losing any time or spending a lot of money.

After extensive testing and evaluating the available methods provided by the industry we concluded that Toximet is the best partner to assist us and our customers. The TOXIQuant system allows us and our customers to validate our sorters while checking the detection level of a wide variety of micotoxins in a most accurate way. After the product has been sorted on our machines, the TOXIQuant system measures the results of the sort. We are proud to offer our customers the possibility to also implement the Toximet solutions to Check/confirm/validate the sorting performances.

Wim Van Doren, Test and Demo Manager, TOMRA Sorting Solutions | Food

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